Cricket X Strategies

Cricket X – Strategy for Winning Big

Cricket X is a simple game from Smartsoft Gaming that any new player can play. There isn’t much to the mechanics of the game. But don’t let the simple nature of the game fool you. If you take it lightly, you might end up losing more than winning.

There are two main phases of the game. Placing the bet and cashing it out at the right time. You need to understand both, otherwise, a bet that you thought you could win might end up being the one that you lose.


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Let’s see the strategies for these two steps in a bit more detail.

Cricket X Strategy for Placing Bets

The game allows for two bets to be placed in a single spin. You also have the option to play it safe and place a single bet. For beginners, we recommend that you stick with just the one.

Before we discuss how much you should bet, let’s talk about how much you CAN bet. You can bet from €0.10 to €100 in a single bet. The trick to betting is understanding the amount of bet that you should place with respect to your bankroll.

Depending on how many bets you want to play for the strategy will differ. But we’ll be talking about both, so no need to worry about missing out.

Single Bets

The benefit of the single bet is that you don’t risk getting distracted. The animations and sound are good accompaniments. But they can also be distracted. If you get distracted easily, go for the single bet.

For single bets, we recommend setting your bankroll first. You should have a minimum amount for being able to place at least 100 bets. So, if you’re placing bets worth €0.15, you should have €15 in your account. If you want to place bigger bets, you should have more money in your account.


[Single Bet]

There are three risk-level strategies that you can use for single bets. These are minimum, moderate and high risk. For the minimum, your target multiplier should be 1.35x – 1.40x. This won’t make you much money, but you’ll end up winning frequently.

For moderate risk bets, you can try to shoot for 2.5x-3.5x. But the chances of that happening are around 40%. If you feel confident and have a larger bankroll, then you can go for this.

Finally, the high-risk bets. The multiplier you’re looking for here should be in the 100s. But these can happen once per hour. So, check the multiplier history on the left and calculate the time for when the next big multiplier might happen.

Double bets

For double bets, instead of cashing out manually, you should make use of the auto cash-out feature. What’s that you ask? You can set the target multiplier and when the ball reaches that multiplier, the game will cash out your bet automatically for you.


[Double Bets]

This is a great option for advanced players who like to play double bets. You can set different multipliers for the cash-out feature. This can allow you to play with a little more risk allowing you to win more.

The risk levels are the same as they were with the single bet. But most players who play the double bet, start from the moderate risk level. Some players also like to mix minimum and moderate risk multipliers for a more consistent experience.

But how would you do that? Set the first auto cash out according to the minimum risk strategy of 1.35x. And the second one can be between 2.5x-3.5x. This should give you a better gaming experience if you’re transitioning from single to double bets.


[Multiplier History]

If you want to go all out and play the risky route of bets, then you can set the first cash out at 40x and the second one at 100x. Once again, the chances of the risky multipliers showing up is quite low and won’t happen too often, so check the multiplier history before proceeding.

Final Words

No matter which strategy you decide to follow, at the end of the day it’s still an RNG-based game. So, the strategy might work out, or it might not work out at all. We recommend all the beginner players to start off slow and get used to the game with minimum risk single bets first.

Once you’re a little bit more confident with the gameplay and the rules, you can either switch to moderate risk strategies or try the double bets. Unless you have a significantly large bankroll, we suggest players avoid that if possible. But if you feel like you can win, you can always go for it.